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Error Codes > Canon > iR2016J  
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Canon FAX170 Trouble Error Codes List page 1 (from 2)
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Code Description
82 Recording paper feeding error.
87 Fails to complete the sequence of recording operation.
89 Cutter jam.
8A Wrong or weak contact of the recording head connectors.
8B Recording head overheat.
A1 Recording paper cover opened.
A2 Document too long to scan.
A3 Document not detected by the document rear sensor.
A4 50% or more faulty of white level data.
A5 Faulty operation of DMA0 during scanning.
A6 Faulty operation of DMA1 during scanning.
A7 One-line feeding time-out error.
A8 One-line scanning time-out error.
A9 Abnormal scanning reference voltage.
AB Document feed-in amount measuring error.
AC Less than 50% faulty of white level data.
B1 CODEC LSI error.
B9 Light emission intensity error of the LED array.
BA Scanning error: The left-hand black reference line which is marked on the document pressure bar for scanning width setting is not detected.