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Error Codes > Kyocera-Mita > TASKalfa 5550ci  
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Kyocera-Mita TASKalfa 5550ci Trouble Error Codes List page 1 (from 17)
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Code Description Causes
0030 FAX control PWB system error
Processing with the fax software was disabled due to a hardware problem.
Defective FAX control PWB.
0070 FAX control PWB incompatible detection error
Abnormal detection of FAX control PWB incompatibility In the initial communication with the FAX control PWB, any normal communication command is not transmitted.
Defective FAX software.
Defective FAX control PWB.
0100 Backup memory device error Defective flash memory.
Defective main PWB.
0120 MAC address data error
For data in which the MAC address is invalid.
Defective flash memory.
Defective engine PWB.
0150 Backup memory read/write error (engine PWB)
No response is issued from the device in reading/writing for 5 ms or more and this problem is repeated 5 times successively. Mismatch of reading data from 2 locations occurs 8 times successively. Mismatch between writing data and reading data occurs 8 times successively.
Improper installation EEPROM.
Device damage of EEPROM.
0160 Backup memory data error
(engine PWB) Reading data from EEPROM is abnormal.
Data damage of EEPROM.
0170 Billing counting error
A checksum error is detected in the main and engine backup memories for the billing counters.
Data damage of EEPROM.
Defective PWB.
0180 Machine number mismatch
Machine number of main and engine does not match.
Data damage of EEPROM.
0620 FAX image DIMM error
DIMM is not installed correctly. DIMM cannot be accessed.
DIMM installed incorrectly.
Defective main PWB.
0630 DMA error
DMA transmission of image data does not complete within the specified period of time.
Poor contact in the connector terminals.
Defective main PWB.
0640 Hard disk error
The hard disk cannot be accessed.
Defective hard disk.
Defective main PWB.
0650 FAX image DIMM check error
Improper DIMM is installed.
DIMM installed incorrectly.
Defective main PWB.
0800 Image processing error
JAM010X is detected twice.
Defective main PWB.
0830 FAX control PWB flash program area checksum error
A checksum error occurred with the program of the FAX control PWB.
Defective FAX software.
Defective FAX control PWB.
0840 Faults of RTC
The time is judged to go back based on the comparison of the RTC time and the current time or five years or more have passed.
The battery is disconnected from the main PWB.
Defective main PWB.